Nomadica is a modern wine company promoting conscious consumption with sustainable single serve packaging. The brand delivers sommelier-curated, low-intervention, sustainably farmed wines without chemical manipulation that are paired with unique art to drive off-shelf velocity. Nomadica was founded by certified sommelier Kristin Olszewski. As a sommelier, Olszewski felt as though the wine industry lacked innovation and found the process of buying wines across multiple varietals for the average, uninformed consumer to be laborious and inefficient. Olszewski explained that the modern wine shop experience is overwhelming - consumers often ask for a particular varietal and a certain price point (i.e. a $20 Pinot Noir), without much understanding of the product they are consuming or the vineyard they are purchasing from. Nomadica was born to help solve the issue of complexity within the wine industry and to offer millennials and gen-z consumers a solution: a modern wine brand that is culturally relevant and that consistently offers affordable, natural wines across a number of varietals, which help consumers navigate the intricacies of the industry.

Nomadica is currently offered in canned 4-packs of 225ml per can and 1-liter per pack. The current collection includes a White, Red Blend, Rose, Sparkling White, and Sparkling Rose. The company plans to launch specific varietals and other form factors (such as 750ml aluminum bottles and boxed wines) in the years to come.

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